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Technical Support

Getting the right support for your business

Tech Support

Support from an It provider has become a formality, in fact it's quite often seen as added business insurance. However, the reality is that many businesses see very little benefit from their support contracts... In fact, getting the right Sage support and furthermore business support for your business is crucial.

Our aim is to change the nature of the term support as we want you to get more... The northern Path

Our experience has shown that a number of customers don't perceive any benefit from their software support contracts. Why? Put simply it's all about paying for something that you hardly use and that doesn't seem to add much value to your business. Don't get us wrong we are all about giving value for money, but it's got to the point where customers are shopping around for a better price on their support contracts as there seems to be little benefit to having one.

With over 55 years of experience we know how frustrating problems can be. We pride ourselves on providing experience and friendly support that is second to none. The northern Path

Not only will we give you our best price, we will also give you value for money so much so that you will understand the true value of your support contract.

The difference is clear; as you can see from the list below, you won't just hear from us when it's time to renew or be there when you have a problem... We know we can add extra benefit your business, both from day 1 and moving forwards.

Let's put it simply we have experience in house, which ranges from Sage experts, to product managers to project managers, to business strategists to manufacturing guru's. So if you have a problem that needs fixing, want an opinion on a new idea or even help developing a new product then give us a call.

We didn't know what good support looked like until we switched to The Northern Path. As well as sorting out our occasional problems they have also advised us how to get the most out of the product on each occasion we have restructured our business Eddie Arable Farm Stores
Our Support Promise
  • First class support from people that developed and supported the products for Sage.
  • A fresh approach - true business support not just a maintenance contract that you never use.
  • 6 monthly (or when you need them) business reviews to make sure the software delivers to your evolving needs.
  • Free advice - and we won't charge you for our opinion.
  • Free seminars and WebEx's to keep you up to date.
  • Access to a wealth of experience based on working with 1000's of businesses across the UK and Ireland.
  • Software Reviews - our pet hate is knowing businesses aren't using the software to its full potential.
  • Should you require new software we will guide through the process from start to finish ensuring the best fit for your business and operating processes.
  • Access to our partner network - people who we know and trust to do the things we don't - recommendation is key.
  • Access to our brains - we have project managers, production managers, commercial managers, business strategists, lean process consultants and more in house.
  • Access to our network - we will advertise your business to our clients.

Technical Support

To get more information regarding this, or any other service we have on offer, please click the link above and fill in the contact form, alternatively feel free to give us a ring on +44 (0191) 466 1180.