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How We Work

On Premise or a Hosted solution?
The choice is yours

On Premise or a Hosted solution?

We have teamed up with a local IT provider to be able to provide you with either an on premise solution (where the software is installed on your local servers and client machines) or via a hosted solution (where the software is installed on a remote server and you access via the web).

There are benefits to both options, with the main one for having your software hosted being a reduced initial capital spend.

The Northern Path difference if the worst happens (say someone cuts your ADSL line by accident) we will quickly deliver you an on-site version until your connectivity issues are resolved (the best of both worlds!).

  • Pay a monthly fee per user
  • Reduced initial outlay as no new PCs required.
  • Access by different devices such as Smartphones and Macs.
  • Add other products such as Microsoft Exchange etc.
  • No maintenance costs associated with having expensive hardware on-site.
  • No backups required as it is all automated for you.
  • The software and hardware are at your site.
  • Your data is stored and managed locally.
  • Higher initial investment costs but lower overall cost of ownership.
  • Ideal where your location may have connectivty issues.
  • Easier integratation to other in-house systems.