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How We Work

Your IT strategy is only 1 part of your wider business strategy

The majority of outsourced IT and software providers satisfactorily deliver the IT elements of what a business requires, however, IT actually only forms one part of running a successful business. Your IT strategy is at its best when its underpinning what you do as a business and where your business is heading. Thats why The Northern Path is different; we provide knowledge and experience in all of aspects of business development leading to the provision of the IT infrastructure and business software that under pins it.

Imagine turning your systems on from day 1 and finding everything is set up to reflect your business, for example a CRM system with your logo, customers, terminology, products and marketing campaigns ready to go because we helped you design it to achieve your business objectives. By taking the time to understand what you do and just as importantly why you do it, we can provide advice not just on how to use the software to your advantage but also explain where extra benefits could be obtained.

Take our tried and tested process reviews as one example (of many) to show how we are different

One rather large business accepted that approximately 80% of their Sales orders sent to their customers would be incorrect (as thats the way it had always been) due to their technical nature. Our review identified a simple process to ensure the correct orders were sent out 95% of the time. Northern Path

Designing software to match customer requirements gives you a view into the world of many businesses. Its a cliche but all businesses are different - but in a lot of ways they are the same. Having reviewed the needs and requirements of 1000s of businesses you can spot the similarities and also where the business processes arent delivering the maximum efficiency.

Thats where our business process reviews come in.