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A Guide to....

Choosing the Right Software for your Business a summary of the process

Right Software for your Business


We can make sure you actually need new software before you purchase it - hand holding you through the process of making sure you make the right investment, at the right price for your business requirements as they are today and beyond.


Wouldn't it be good to make sure you need new software before you buy it?
Software review

We quite often find out that businesses make the jump to a new software solution based on a lack of understanding of their existing software. Our approach is different; we ensure that what you need isnt available in your existing software first. A common scenario we come across is that the person doing a particular role within the software was trained by the person who did the role before as a result they only utilise what they have been shown...

Needs analysis:

Use our knowledge and templates to fully document your requirements both as they stand today and to identify any future requirements you may have. We will take the time to visit your business to fully understand what you do and how you do it - therefore identifying the most important key factors that must be delivered. Our service will also help you identify any areas of your business where processes could be improved.

Shortlisted software selection:

We will then use our points system and experience to help you decide which Sage software should be on your short list. Ensuring they fit both your requirements and your budget. Please bear in mind you may not even get to this stage if we can deliver what you need through your existing software.


Its easy to get wowed in a demonstration and loose focus on what you are actually trying to achieve. We are experts at helping steer you through the process making sure your requirements are met. Our role is to ensure your key requirements are met before we show you what else you can use to your benefit.

Furthermore, it is important to know where you are in the delivery of your project, see our section on what to expect from a Northern Path project to understand the difference we bring to your business.